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NQ Mobile Assurance

The perfect complement to handset insurance, NQ Mobile Assurance can help locate your lost or stolen phone.

Backup Contacts

Ever had your address book go missing? Don’t let it happen again—back up (and restore) your contacts with just a tap.

Backup Content

A picture is worth a thousand words, how much are yours worth to you? Easily back up your photos and videos with NQ Mobile Assurance.

Call My Phone

Sometimes a ring is all you need. Call your lost or stolen phone—even if the SIM card has been removed—using our web portal and a Wi-Fi connection.

Sound an Alarm

Let’s face it, your phone could be anywhere, and sometimes it’s simply buried in your couch cushions. Use our web portal to sound an alarm and find that misplaced phone.

Contact the Finder

Send a message to your missing phone—we’ll display it on your lock screen so the finder can contact you to return the phone. We’ll even take a picture of the person who acknowledges the message.

Online Tools

Visit to access our suite of device location and data protection tools. From the Assurance website you can remotely

  • Locate or Track your phone
  • Sound an alarm
  • Send a message to your device
  • Call your missing phone
  • Backup contacts, photos and videos

For more information or to get insured and protected, visit an A Wireless retail store.

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